ZIPFind® Deluxe 
  • Unlimited Radius Searching - find all postal codes within 5000 miles and beyond including "donut" radius searches
  • Process 1000's of radius and lookup searches in seconds
  • Search returns more than 30 Data Fields included - County, Area Code, Population, State, City, Time Zone, and more
  • Search against multiple criteria simultaneously - determine your search area by State, County, City, Area Code or other Data Field
  • File processing allows you to perform ZIP/postal code radius and lookup searches on all postal codes found within your own comma-delimited files and augment your database with any of our ZIP/postal code data fields
  • One button export to a spreadsheet (ie. Excel)
  • Get the latest MSA/NECTA definitions from the US government. Old MSA/CMSA codes are included to help you transition to the new standard
  • Easy to use interface with comprehensive help
  • Wildcard Searching - find all postal codes starting with 123*
  • Free product support
  • Call (406) 922-3540 for more product information

System Requirements

  • Windows®
  • 9.5 MB free disk space for product with US ZIP code data
  • 20 MB additional free disk space with optional Canadian postal code data